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VAU Networks is a UK technology company specializing in Business Branding and Internet-related services and products.
These include online design and development, telephony, cloud computing, technical maintenance, software, and consulation services.

VAU Networks was founded in 2008 by Chris Kendall under the brand "Voice Artists United". This was established as an international not for profit organisation. Providing free resources, support and training to the Voice Over Industry.

As Voice Artists United Expanded it branched out into various independent entities of services available to its audience which merged into one company; VAU Networks - seperate to Voice Artists United.

Chris Kendall incorporated VAU Networks as a private limited company on March 5th, 2011. And since it's incorporation has continued to expand and incorporate a vast number of individual services available to the general populous.

VAU Networks' Mission statement is to provide high quality products and services with little to no reselling; This is why Chris made the decision to purchase, operate and maintain all of the hardware and software that VAU Networks uses, so that only high quality and reliability is provided to the end user.
All VAU Networks Design products and services are developed and drawn up in house to ensure high quality availability at all times.

Furthermore Chris and his team at VAU Networks are all freelancers and conduct operations within VAU Networks 100% Voluntarily, They Wholly believe in the products and services that VAU Networks provides and aim to only assist in providing even greater products services and support the way it should be!

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Chris Kendall

Chris Kendall

Managing and Technical Director

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