Server Hardening

Server Hardening

At VAU Networks our technical analysts fully understand that up-time, security and reliability are of upmost importance to any company operating online.

We work on both basic and complex technical issues to reduce downtime, improve performance and help you reduce your headaches, support costs and improve your uptime.

  • Keep your Servers Running with High Security.
  • CHKRootKit –Detects Hacking Software and Provides Notification via Email
  • RootKit Hunter – A Tool Which Scans for Backdoors and Malicious Softwares Present Within the Server.
  • APF or CSF – A Policy Based IPTables Firewall System Used for the Easy Configuration of IPTables Rules
  • SSH Securing – For Better Security of SSH Connections
  • Host.conf Hardening – Prevents IP Spoofing and DNS Poisoning
  • Sysctl.conf Hardening – Prevents SYN-Flood Attacks and Other Network Abuse
  • FTP Hardening – Secure FTP Software by Upgrading to the Latest Version
  • TMP Hardening – Hardening /tmp, /var/tmp, /dev/shm for Preventing the Execution of Malicious Scripts and Codes
  • Securing and Optimisation of Apache – Tweak Apache for Better Performance, Stability and Security
  • WHM Tweaking – Tweaking of WHM for Better Security and Performance
  • PHP Tightening – Tweaking of PHP by Changing the Parameters of PHP Configuration for Better Security and Performance
  • PHP Upgrade – Compile PHP to it's Latest Stable Version Which Increases Server Security
  • Shell Fork Bomb/Memory Hog Protection – Protection Against Telnet/SSH Users Using All of the Server Resources and Causing a System Crash
  • Removal of Unwanted Software – Removing unwanted Softwares/Applications/Upgrades and Thereby Securing Server from Exploits
  • Removal of Old Logs – Deletion of Unwanted Old Logs(Mail, Apache, MySQL, DNS, FTP) and Thereby Increasing the Free Space in the Server
  • ClamAV – A Cross-Platform Anti-Virus Software Tool-Kit Able to Detect Many Types of Malicious Software, Including Viruses
  • System Integrity Monitoring – Service Monitoring of HTTP, FTP, DNS, SSH, MYSQL and More
  • SPRI – Tool for Changing the Priority of Different Processes Running in the Server According to the Level of Importance and Thereby Increasing the Performance and Productivity of the Server
  • MySQL Optimisation – Optimisation of MySQL Value for Better Performance and Stability
  • Root Logger – Notification of Root Access when Someone is to Login as Root, Along with the Timestamp and IP Address Information
  • MyTOP – A Console-Based (Non-GUI) Tool for Monitoring the Threads and Overall Performance of a MySQL
  • MultiTail – MultiTail is a Program for Monitoring Multiple Log Files, in the Fashion of the Original Tail Program
  • Mod_Security – Mod Security is an Embeddable Web Application Firewall. It Provides Protection from a Range of Attacks Against Web Applications and Allows for HTTP Traffic Monitoring and Real-Time Analysis with No Changes to Existing Infrastructure
  • Mod_Evasive – Mod Evasive is an Evasive Manoeuvres Module for Apache that Provides Evasive Action in the Event of an HTTP DoS Attack or Brute Force Attack. It is Also Designed to be a Detection and Network Management Tool and can be Easily Configured to Talk to IPChains, Firewalls, Routers, and More.
  • Adding of Custom Rules for Preventing iFrames and Other Attacks on the Server
  • Configuration of the Server for Dropping of DOS/DDOS Attack



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